Roadtrek ecotrek problems

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Underhood Generator Test - EcoTrek from September 04, From the beginning we've had some issues with our Underhood Generator, or more precisely with the Balmar not working. The good news is that Nations supplied a third Balmar the original and the first replacement did not work and the GU began charging the lithium batteries. It is wonderful! It's a great thing to have all this lithium and be able to charge it while on the move and then be able to spend a week or more tucked away off the grid enjoying nature with all the creature comforts that RoadTrek has packed into the CS Adventurous.

The Underhood Generator can bring a single EcoTrek battery to full charge in as little as a half-hour of highway driving. Note that this is in ideal conditions, when the Underhood Generator can generate maximum power and nothing else is on.

Any power draws, such as leaving the inverter on, and especially running the air conditioner, will increase charge times significantly.

roadtrek ecotrek problems

As the video above shows, an hour of GU operation with it mostly at 65 mph, charged a single Ecotrek from The outside temperature was in the high 50s when I began driving and got to about 65F after an hour.

The engine had not been run for about twelve hours prior to this test. I had expected that one hour would take an EcoTrek from empty to full which did not happen here. A full battery is at least In fact, when I made the video above, one of my other Ecotreks was charged using shore power several days earlier and then turned off. It showed I suspect my Balmar is not programmed correctly to supply power to my batteries.

I suspect that despite the dealership talking with Nations and Nations specifically programming a third Balmar for my coach. The Balmar shows that the goal is But the fact that it is only supplying While voltage while charging doesn't show how many amps are being supplied to the battery, the fact that after an hour the battery only rose.

Roadtrek Inc. – The dawn of a new era!

In the video, it shows that the GU provides between and watts. The low number of watts is what a single EcoTrek module holds according to this RoadTrek how-to-guide. With a little math, taking the low number, that equates to amps in an hour divided by 12 volts. So it should take less than an hour to charge a completely empty Ecotrek which is amps to a full state of charge. Of course the RoadTrek How-To guide says it should charge in thirty minutes. This RoadTrek video on Ecotrek battery managementsays that the GU will charge batteries four times faster than a propane generator.

roadtrek ecotrek problems

Of perhaps some interest, the video above shows The video above also recommends that when driving, you turn on all Ecotrek modules so they can be charged and the graphic showed Warp Core 8 modules.

Other sources say that for most efficient charging with the GU while driving, modules should be turned on and charged one at a time when charging batteries that have been depleted to the point that the BMS has shut them off. The video above also says that the GU charges much more quickly when driving than when idling.

My testing doesn't show that to be the case as far as voltage is concerned, but again there is no display of amperage being put into the batteries. As a side note, there seems to be conflicting guidance on how to turn on the EcoTreks.Since I have the littlest Roadtrek, I also have the least amount of power to work with.

roadtrek ecotrek problems

Well, some older models may have even less — for instance, they may not have generators. A model like the E-Trek is amazing : huge solar panels, 8 batteries, watt inverter. You basically never have to plug that thing in.

My Roadtrek has two sources of power: electricity in varying forms and propane. Propane is the simplest. In high power mode, I can run everything: air conditioner, microwave, my Nespresso machine Mmmm, coffee…. When I plug into 15 or 20 amps, well, I only have those 15 or I almost never use the generator. There are exceptions:. No services for miles? No problem. View on Instagram. The battery is low power mode.

Low power mode runs off of the house battery which is different from the engine battery. If I was out in the woods for a week, for instance, the solar panels would probably not be enough since they only charge the battery a little. But if I drive a couple of hours which I tend to do most daysthe battery gets charged back up no problem. With battery alone, I can run all the 12 volt stuff: the water pump to flush the toilet or turn on the faucet at the sinkthe roof fan, the hot water heater, the refrigerator, the interior lights, the LP gas and CO detectors.

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The inverter only provides about watts of power though. Which is why the Nespresso machine, at watts, is out. With the inverter, I can run the TV and DVD player and hence have music through the speakerscharge my laptop and phone, and power things like my curling iron or a small fan. But how long can I do those things? For that, we look at amp hours. How many does my battery hold and how quickly do my solar panels replenish the battery?

How much power does everything take? No one told me there would be math. I have one 12 volt battery, which gives me 95 amp hours. An overhead light is maybe 2 amps, the fan is around 4. If I were out in the woods for a week, maybe. Parked in a Walmart parking lot all night and then parked by the ocean all day, not really. I can monitor everything on a handy panel. The battery status is on the far right. The second set of lights is the fresh water tank and the third and fourth set are the black and grey water tanks, respectively.

Roadtrek and RV Direct – Buyer Beware

See Michael? No sacrifices needed. And I have coffee available no matter the circumstance. Vanessa, excellent information. I am fairly new with a used Class A and have been wandering about the information you just covered. I would like to add solar, but how many.A very comprehensive writing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I do believe that one day in the future, we will laugh at how we could only use half the capacity of what was called an AGM battery. But for now, I have to wonder if it is not more prudent to build as advanced and refined an AGM system as is possible and beat the crap out of it.

Pure3 Energy Management System vs. Roadtrek/Hymer EcoTrek 400

And replace the batteries every years. It is certainly cheap enough to do so as compared to the initial upfront costs of lithium. I am considering this as my approach in an upcoming van build. Is there talk of manufacturers producing 48 volt appliances so that converters will not be needed?

Hymer Aktiv: Lithium Battery Failure, Fixed!

This seems like a nobrainer. Of course I am totally ignorant about the costs of bringing them to market. Would it just be a matter of changing a few wires and circuts? In the absence of an international standard, I don't see a mass exodus to higher DC voltage appliances in the near future. We'll simply have to live with those conversion inefficiencies until the manufacturers settle into agreement.

Not that long ago, European automobiles had 6VDC systems.

roadtrek ecotrek problems

Hello George " I have to wonder if it is not more prudent to build as advanced and refined an AGM system as is possible and beat the crap out of it.

The Carbon technology AGMs posted in a more recent article could be a realistic alternative. Nice Blog! DC power supply system. Thanks for sharing this important information. Keep sharing! Post a Comment. G has a "swell" time kayaking G has a "swell" time on Lake Michigan in an inflatable canoe.

October 10, Recently Winnebago announced a new version of the Travato with high voltage lithium-ion LiB coach batteries.Roadtrek makes several small, attractive RVs. They are compact and can go places larger RVs may not be able to. RV Direct advertises heavily on the internet and has relatively low prices when compared to sticker prices at dealerships.

I also thought it would be a fun shake-out to pick it up in the midwest and drive it back to Oregon with a friend of mine from England. RV Direct and Roadtrek argued about which was responsible, and neither accepted fault. I asked to have the unit returned to the factory, the generator installed and the unit shipped back to me in Oregon. RV Direct refused to do this — they would only pay for an after-market generator and would not pay to ship it back to Oregon.

After returning home and hiring a lawyer, RV Direct agreed to have the generator installed after-market and shipped back to Oregon. It you discover that the vehicle you get is not what you ordered, they are not obligated to take it back.

If they do take it back, they may give you a much lower price that they charged, even if you have not taken delivery. The storage drawer on my unit was badly bent and slid open while driving.

The factory refused to pay for the repair because it had not been noted on delivery. To avoid these problems: 1 Have all contracts reviewed by your lawyer. The Roadtrek is a nice though in some respects flimsy vehicle. Poor customer service from both factory and dealership also made it an expensive, unpleasant learning experience. I agree completely. I bought a Roadtrek this year and it came with a number of non functioning parts and many fit and finish issues.

Dealing with Roadtrek on warranty issues is worst than having teeth pulled. They nickle and dime you at every turn and their authorized service dealers force you to pay administration fees on your warranty work. Do not buy from Roadtrek!!!!!!!! I have a fully loadedversatile also. Put on10 K miles with no problems. It takes an engineer back ground to understand all the functions available. The electrical system is complex as well as the water, duel tanks and heaters. The generator, converters and inverters with two sets of batteries with different function is a marvel.

Much to learn, then I can enjoy it. Had a troubling scare my last trip when I was accelerating from 5 M P H to 60 M P I had very annoying grinding sound or rubbing noise under the center of the vehicle.

After the best examination possible at that time we found nothing visible. No shops open to put it on a lift so I keep driving. The noise was bad when starting out but lessened as I let up on the gas. After 20 more miles at 65 M P H the noise went away and I drove miles home.

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Maybe Carrier bearing or U-joints. Road trek salesman at the Pomona show Ken Mitchell some suppose it head of whatchamacallit division for this company met with me at the show and show me a versatile He went out to get something and left me sitting in the versatile with the doors locked.

I could not get out of the vehicle as the electric door openers did not work. They had actually break one of the windows to get me out. This was a model???To view the interview video, please follow this link: Roadtrek Inc. We have signed several of the key executives who will form the nucleus of Roadtrek Inc.

Len believes Roadtrek is an innovative brand lined with layers of greatness in people, technology, and opportunity, he is looking forward to continuing to build on his years in the industry and fostering relationships with our dealer partners.

Karyn joined the RV industry six years ago and has gained a strong knowledge and love of the Roadtrek brand, having shaped its foothold in the industry during that time. Karyn will continue to lead all marketing and communications efforts for Roadtrek Inc. Jeff has over 26 years of automotive manufacturing experience, eight of which has been in the RV industry.

Jeff is looking forward to managing the operational side of the business going forward and helping to build Roadtrek motorhomes for families to enjoy in the years ahead. Jeff is a long-time avid camper and joined the RV industry two years ago to begin working in an industry he loved. He brings over 16 years of product development and manufacturing experience in both consumer products and automotive segments to Roadtrek Inc.

Mark joins Roadtrek Inc. Mark is eager to bring his expertise to Roadtrek Inc. We are currently in the process of defining the territories for the sales representatives we have hired to be part of Roadtrek Inc.

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Once this information is available, we will reach out to the dealers and let them know who their new representative will be. We will be looking very closely at quality control and will be setting up a full department tasked with ensuring each model meets or exceeds the quality standards that are put in place.

We will continue to offer the proprietary and industry-leading EcoTrek lithium battery systems in all the models we are moving forward with. We will have a dedicated sales team with representatives both internal and external that already know and have working relationships with the Roadtrek dealers. They will continue to work closely with the dealers as the business moves forward. Although we are continuing with the Roadtrek brand, the great thing about the position we are in is that we are a brand-new company with brand new beginnings.

We have the unique opportunity to improve in all areas of the business and that is exactly what we are focused on doing.

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We will have a dedicated service and warranty department that will handle these inquiries. At this time, we are evaluating the existing systems and finalizing parts inventory, once this is completed, which we expect to be mid to late August, we will communicate with the dealers.

This does, however, exclude any models sold on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis with a second-row seat, due to the recent recall by the receiver for this product. The second-row seat recall was done by the receiver prior to the acquisition of the Roadtrek brand by Rapido. Although we are in communications with the receiver regarding a solution, all matters related to the recall are to be addressed directly by them.

We will continue to offer Roadtrek models with the features our customers love such as the EcoTrek technology. We want to thank all our dealers and all the consumers for their support, patience, understanding and especially their enthusiasm as we work hard to bring the Roadtrek brand back to North America. RV Dealer News. Coolest Wheels in the Industry!

Leisure Travel Vans Reveals Wonder. Creating Leadership Energy is an Inside Job.Recently, Winnebago introduced the most powerful, durable, and easy-to-use lithium energy system in the industry, the Pure3 Energy Management System available in the Travato 59KL and 59GL.

Available Power V Pure Sine: When comparing the available power, we are looking at power off the pure sine wave inverter. This tells how many amps users will get without being hooked up to shore power. You will always be traveling with full 30 amp of service off the extremely powerful watt pure sine wave inverter. If you are looking to boondock, the Ecotrek is not going to be able to power your electronics and appliances for as long as the Winnebago Travato with the Pure3 Energy Management System.

You might be wondering if watt-hours are really that important? Yes, they absolutely are. A Watt Hour is a unit of measurement for power over a period of time, in our case an hour, and is a way of measuring capacity. One watt-hour is equal to one Watt of average power flow over an hour, so one Watt over 10 hours would be Watt Hours.

Volta, the company that partnered with Winnebago to build the Pure3 system, has a power calculator on their website and showed what the run times for the Pure3 System would be. Time is of the essence for RVers needing to charge their lithium system. The Pure3 Energy Management System can also completely recharge the battery approximately 1. With top performance and safety as uncompromising goals we developed plug-n-play scalable systems using high-density, nickel manganese cobalt batteries.

Under lbs. The energy pack is watertight and durable, the steel housing is the safest on the market. The Pure3 Energy Management System lasts the lifetime of the vehicle and has been tested. The expected life of the Ecotrek is unknown. Lithium Ion Type and Life: With top performance and safety as uncompromising goals we developed plug-n-play scalable systems using high-density, nickel manganese cobalt batteries.Jan 31, It needed some warranty work and it was picked up by Roadtrek and taken to a approved service center for the work.

They had it two days and discovered it had three 3 cracked in the roof. It was then sent to a body shop for that repair. It has now been 5 wks starting 6 wks. We were told it would be finished 3 wks ago. Never heard a word. Sent a email to the rep and was told it would be done the following Wed.

No word. Called the factory and was told it would be done Tues and today is Thur. Was told by the factory the works was approved to be done last Thur. Was told by the factory they would call last Mon. No call!!!! Communication with Roadtrek is basically none. Any one considering a Roadtrek or Make sure the top is inspected for cracks before purchase. We are about to make are third payment and have not been able to use it. I have requested a new vehicle and was told they would check on that.

No Word!! Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer Have had unit back to the factory two times for stress cracks in the roof. The stress crack has just reappeared in the exact same place as the first two times. Also the Volt system is terrible, and unreliable. Numerous ongoing electrical issues and workmanship issues.

Comment the review as Roadtrek verified representative.

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